Friday, 28 March 2014

Pita Pit - Manchester

I read an enthusiastic forum post recommending Pita Pit as a good spot for a quick lunch some time ago and finding myself exploring the other side of Piccadilly station one afternoon I decided to pop in and see if the praise had been justified. My immediate impressions were that it was a Subway copy – very similar layout, ie you order your pita at the tills then queue at the salad counter and choose what is added into your lunch. The comparison isn’t completely unfair but the choice and quality of food is definitely above that offered at their rival.

The main plus is that they have a grill (part of which is set aside for veggie fillings to avoid meat contamination) and so instead of serving chilled meats or microwaved meatballs they prepare the meat or other fillings quickly while you wait meaning the sandwich is a much fresher experience.
The range of drinks and snacks was also very broad – they had loads of healthy drink brands I’d never seen before, which is both a real treat for someone like me that can't resist trying any new flavours or brands I hadn't heard of before.

There was loads of literature lying around advocating a healthy life-style, focusing on their low-calorie ranges and even have a machine which provides free filtered cold water (with an indicator stating how many plastic bottles they’ve eliminated waste from). 
I went for a large spicy steak pita with harissa sauce. It was wrapped well and still warm by the time I got home and was extremely tasty and actually felt (shudder) healthy. The steak was very tender and harissa sauce had a real kick to it which was a real surprise – much different to the extremely sweet sauces I recall in Subway from years ago. My other favourite is the halloumi wrap with raita and extra pickles (their  recommendation) which is an absolute treat.
I have also popped in for breakfast on the odd morning i'm off somewhere from Piccadilly first thing and the options I’ve tried so far were similarly solid – the porridge with maple syrup is my current favourite but sadly the coffee was nothing to write home about.

If I ever find myself on the Piccadilly side of the city around lunch time it’s my go to place for a snack now. 

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