Monday, 5 May 2014

NQ Superstore - Manchester (visit two)

It's been a few months since my last visit to Superstore and finding myself wandering round the NQ for inspiration it seemed a good opportunity to pop back in and see how they were getting on.
(L-R - Sharing Platter, Bone marrow on toast and prawns with Chorizo on toast)

The good news is that everything has changed for the better - all of the things that I felt they were doing well have improved and all of the minor niggles i'd complained about last time had gone - the TV was off, the cash machine upstairs has gone and the selection of beers has massively improved. The service was of the same high standard as the last visit and the food has all been refined in positive ways. It's also moved on from being fairly quiet to being absolutely heaving - we took the last available table at 7pm on a Saturday night so they're clearly doing extremely well customer wise.
(L-R Tempura veg, Tempura fish and chips and a portion of fries)

The five for £20 small plates menu had the same choices as last time but the portion sizes have been refined with everything now being served together on a sharing platter which completely removed the issues a lack of space on the smaller tables meaning no need for plate juggling. One slight point i'd note is that the starters don't actually lend themselves that well to sharing as they're mostly a large portion of a specific dish so i'd imagine the next evolution will be to get some proper sharing dishes on the menu. Having said that we made a great effort at hacking up and sharing out the black pudding and dishing out noodles and of course I made sure I grabbed the bone marrow as quickly as possible. The garlic accompanying the bone marrow had been somewhat tamed allowing the main flavour of the fatty bone marrow to shine through.

The mains I tried this time were the lamb burger and a large chunk of the tempura fish and chips. They also had a special on for the night of prawns and chorizo on toast which was very generous portion-size wise for £7.
There is such an impressive range of starters and mains that I always over order early on and still haven't tried the desserts unfortunately - I fully intend to put this right next time!

It's progressed from being a good to a great restaurant in just a few months and I can't wait to see how they continue to grow. Value for money is very high with four of us leaving well full for approx £100 including a couple of rounds of beers and cocktails.

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